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Our Instructors

Most stables do not have certified instructors but we do!

Experience the difference!

Debbie Sams - Head Instructor

  • Instructor Debbie Sams is the only CHA level 3 horseback riding Instructor in Fulton County NY.

  • She is also certified to teach students with

    • mental health issues

    • cognitive disabilities 

    • physical disabilities.

  • Experience teaching riding since 1979

  • Author of magazine articles and a book, about drill team, of course.

  • Our horses are chosen for their gentleness and abilities.

Annika Sams - Instructor
  • Instructor Annika Sams has studied horseback riding with head instructor Debbie Sams since she was very young.

  • Annika has been teaching horseback riding since 2006.

  • She is certified to work with students who have cognitive and physical disabilities.

  • She is also our vaulting (Gymnastics on horseback) instructor.

Assistant Instructors

Our student workers are all trained to be assistant instructors by our head instructor.

Staff Training
  • Our certified Instructors are required to do 25 hours or continuing education every 3 years. When they are first certified or are moving up a level they attend a rigerous 5 day clinic where their teaching ability and horse knowledge are evaluated by top of the line professional horse people.

  • Each year all of our staff members attend a horse safety training course.

  • Our student workers take regular lessons to improve their riding and horsemanship skills.

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