Horseback Riding Lessons

We Teach
  • English & Western with a dressage emphasis.

  • Drill Team

  • Vaulting

  • Obstacle Courses

  • Garrocha

Regular lessons Ages 4 & up

Each week student gets to participate in:

  • 1 - lesson - 30 minute

  • 1 - Horsemanship class - 1 hr.


  • $55. - 1 lesson 

  • $200. - 4 lessons

  • $400. - 10 lessons

Family members can share packages.

You can do more than one lesson per week.

Lessons and Horsemanship
  • Lessons year round rain or shine. Indoor or outdoor arena.

  • By appointment only.

  • Certified Instructor with lots of experience.

  • Gentle well trained school horses.

Mini Lessons Ages 2 and up

Each week the student gets

  • One10 minute lesson - One on one with instructor

  • One horsemanship class (1 hour)


  • $20. 1 mini Lesson

  • $65. 4 mini lessons

  • $125. - 10 mini lessons.

Family members can share packages.

You can do more than one lesson per week.

You will love our
  • Certified Instructor - experience since 1979

  • Horses - gentle and well trained

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"This was the absolute best way to come into the horse world! I'm so grateful that this is where I got my start riding. I learned about riding but also proper horsemanship and care and not to mention a great work ethic! Plus we sure had fun!"

 Kara Bluvas

Melanie Vickers took lessons in Arizona one summer. Here is what her instructor had to say. "Your posture was perfect. I never had to tell you to change your diagonal. Whoever is teaching you is doing a great job!"

I'm Still doing the happy dance after lessons this morning! 

Linda DeLuca